Pet psychic reading Package – 6 for 5 –



Why should I book this package?

I offer in this pet psychic reading an exclusive Package for you and your pet. The package included 6 pet talks! You can choose if you want to speak more than one time with your pet. Sometimes it is good to have a follow-up talk with your pet. Situations can be discussed again. Maybe new topics have arisen that have arisen before. Animal communication also means healing. Healing work to yourself and also healing work with the animal. Human and animal come together for a reason in life. Nothing happens in life without any reason.

Also we can talk always with a different animal, this is up to you. Of course we can also talk to deceased pets. The soul of a deceased animal can always be addressed. From experience I can say how important it can be to have a pet psychic reading with a rainbow animal. we often carry grief and pain with us. in an animal conversation, humans and animals can talk

Our friends often shake us awake in our lives. They are honest, loyal, empathetic. for me they are the best teachers you can imagine. Animals are also good teachers. Pets can give us good advice in life. I would call animals spiritual helpers and companions.

Maybe you are thinking to get another pet. It is always important to ask your pet what it is thinking about that idea. You can ask your pet how it wishes the new friend to be.

An animal communication can help to determine how much in pain it is. Also we can ask if it needs something special to feel better.

We can coordinate the dates personally. I am happy to give my opinion on how we conduct the animal talks. I am happy to get to know you and your animals.