Animal communication is the language of love
Immerse yourself into the world of the animal kingdom

Animal communication involves having a deep connection between our animal friends & humans.
This form of communication is the oldest language in the world and still quite unknown. The language is still mysterious
for many people but that is now changing for the good of our animals. 
Professional Pet Psychic Linda Erbe

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication you can imagine as another foreign language. For animals telepathy is the normal way to communicate. It is a quiet and very quick language. It is the oldest language in the universe and we humans are starting more and more to awake and use telepathy with our consciousness.

How does Animal Communication work?

Animal communication works through any distance. Imagine you just got a new radio and you want to listen to your favorite radio station. To listen to your radio you have to put it into a certain frequency, that is how you can imagine telepathy. The frequency from the radio is not visible but it is still there and it works.

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From soul to soul

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I have dedicated my life to interspecies communication with all of my heart. I am an experienced professional animal communicator, working since 2012, forging deep connections between humans and their beloved pet companions. My passion to understand animals started as a child.

My knowledge and experience with animal talks has grown over the many years that I have worked as an animal communicator. I work telepathically worldwide with photos of the animals and I can honestly say that animal communication truly works and is very helpful for both sides. 

Through traveling, I have seen how different people react to animal communication. But more importantly how much misunderstanding there is about how an animal thinks and feels. I am happy to be able to speak on behalf of the animals.

I have also been working as a pranic healer in support of animal communication for several years. In my work as an animal telepath, I noticed that animals need healing in a wide variety of areas.

Sometimes you have to look and feel deeper or go back to the animals past in a talk and prana treatment can support animals in many ways.

Old patterns and structures can be extracted from the body and soul, in the case of illnesses prana treatment can be applied to the unhealthy body of an animal or human.

I offer prana treatments as well as animal communication for people and animals afar. All it takes is a photo of the animal or person to establish a connection.

Take a Moment and time for yourself and learn the animal communication
Human Awake Retreat Costa Rica

28 September - 04 October 2024


One of the best ways to connect with the animals of Guanacaste is through animal communication. This practice allows us to communicate with animals on a deeper level and understand their thoughts, feelings, and needs

Learn in a surrounding where you can be yourself and meet other people who truly loves animals

I believe we all have this innate ability to communicate telepathically with animals. With practice and openness, you could be talking with your animal companions too!

Guanacaste, Costa Rica is a unique and special place for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. This region is known for its vast array of wildlife, from the tropical birds that fill the air with their songs to the majestic big cats that roam the forests. The area is home to many endangered species, including the jaguar, puma, and howler monkey, which makes it an ideal destination for those who want to experience the wonders of nature. Transform the relationship and thoughts through telepathy to our friends - the animals. At the other side it is really time to learn the telepathy way to speak. The dignity of the animal has suffered long enough. It is time for us to wake up and be more devoted to our animals. We can no longer deny that animal communication works. These times are long gone. It is time to put our ego back and start on new paths. In the name of our animals with whom we inhabit the earth.

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Learn to talk with animals
Animal Communication Retreat Ibiza - Spain

Unlock the Magic of Animal Communication on Ibiza
Welcome to the extraordinary

Human Awake Ibiza 2024 Retreat, an enchanting journey set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing White Isle – Ibiza. Join us from October 19 to 25 for a transformative experience that will open your heart and mind to the profound world of animal telepathy.

Immerse yourself in the language and kingdom of animals on this captivating Mediterranean paradise, known for its vibrant energy and breathtaking natural beauty. At this Retreat, you will connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for learning animal communication in a safe and nurturing environment.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced communicator, this Animal Communication Retreat is designed for all levels, making it the ideal starting point for your journey into the world of telepathic connection with animals. You will learn to engage your senses, receive messages from animals, and embark on telepathic conversations with your Spirit animal.

What Graduates Say

Animal Talk – Nicole

Dear Linda, I would like to thank you again for the sensitive animal talk and the prana healing that you carried out for my cat Melek. My cat told you that he would like another in**sulin. Since the switch to Pro-Zinc for cats he is much better and goes back to his toilet: o) Thank you very much for everything… Read more “Animal Talk – Nicole”


Animal Talk – Manolya

Dear Linda, when I got in touch with you the first mail, you helped me a lot in a difficult time. My cat had “disappeared” for a total of 3 months and thanks to you I was able to make contact again and again and find out that she is still alive. And what wonderful things Jasira said! You have… Read more “Animal Talk – Manolya”


Animal Talk – Panuli

Dear Linda, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my 10-year-old mare Panuli and me in this way. Animal communication (especially thanks to your nice and sensitive nature) has encouraged us to understand each other better and to be able to remove my fears and worries. Panuli really enjoyed being able to speak,… Read more “Animal Talk – Panuli”

Panuli and Lisa

Retreat – Christina

It’s all together, the conversations, your knowledge, your friendliness what makes a seminar like yours round and worth experiencing. It is also worth experiencing what is explained and communicated between the lines. The exchange with you about your work about what we want to learn is always exciting and eventful. Thank you so much for your wonderful way of being.… Read more “Retreat – Christina”


Telepathy with your animal
Animal Talk

Animals love to share their thoughts and feelings with us. In an animal talk you can ask anything that you would like to know and share everything that you would like to say. Through animal communication, you can ask questions and receive answers, share your thoughts and feelings with your friend, and even help overcome physical and emotional issues.

when animals cross the rainbow bridge
Deceased Animals

One day the day comes when our beloved friends leave Earth. But the soul of the animal remains immortal and is always accessible. While we may not be able to physically see or interact with them, we can continue to feel their presence and connect with their energy.

Aura and Chakrahealing
Pranic Healing

The Pranic healing is a wonderful energetic method to remove any blockages in humans and animals. The prana treatment builds up your own immune system and the body can heal better again.

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Happy, Proud, Sad, Jealous, confident, Angry, traumatized, empathic, energetic
Animals feel just like us

Like us humans, our animals have a private life. Your own needs, wishes, requirements and characteristics. They follow their soul plan and take life more relaxed than we humans usually do. Each person unconsciously perceives the messages of his animal.

 Talking is always helpful. Animals like to tell us what is going on in their minds. And why shouldn't they? After all, they are free individuals.

They are great teachers. They have free will. And they are often misunderstood. Let us change that.

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Your Pet TalkConnect with your pets on a whole new level. Explore telepathic conversations with animals – the extraordinary bond begins here.

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Animal communication is working through us. To each of us. The animals communicate instinctively through telepathy with us.

As a pet communicator I bring my antennas out to swing in a the same frequency like animals are doing.

Pet telepathy is working through our 5 senses. Through the telepathic communication I can hear, feel, see, smell and taste the messages from animals. Animal telepathy is working through our 5 senses.

It is time...

  • to make the change for our animals and show them that we believe in their feelings and thoughts
  • to listen to our friends and understand them in their own and lovely way
  •  to learn from this beautiful beeings. It is time to let go from misinterpretations
  • to think higher to rise in the same vibration with our animals
  • to give our friends back what we took from them
We have so much to learn from them. 

"I love teaching animal telepathy and watching my students grow. Once you start to open your mind to animal communication, you will become more and more curious and open to the possibilities this special language will bring you."
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You, your Animal & me as an animal psychic medium
Animal talks

Every species from animals can talk to us. 

The human "best friend"
Animal communication with your dog

Every animal is loyal. But dogs shows loyality in special ways. A dog licks your face or snuggles up to you if you are not feeling well. Some dogs love to sacrifice themselves to work and do it with full commitment. Let us think of the herding dogs, guard dogs and rescue dogs.

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Still wild cats
Animal communication with your cat

Felines - wonderful beings of the night. Cats have always had and will always have something mystical about them. They will always be the the king of the animal kingdom no matter their size. Free will is her greatest trait. Empathizing with a cat's soul and emotions is always very exciting.

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so often misunderstood
Animal communication with your horse

Horses are very sensitive and clever. Who said that every horse likes to carry people on his back? Old patterns are being dissolved more and more horses are now getting the respect they deserve. Horses are graceful and majestic. 

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Every animal can talk through telepathy
And all the other animals

It doesn't matter which kind of animal it is. Telepathy is working with every type of animal. The difference between the individual species is their needs. All animal species have different views and opinions about situations. They are full of knowledge and willing to compromise with us filled with love and understanding for us.

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Rainbow animals
Deceased Animals

When a loved one crosses the Rainbow Bridge, questions often remain unanswered. We often feel guilty because there are still many things that have not been clarified. Rainbow animals like to share their vision and like to explain their feelings in a talk.

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Aura & Chakra healing
Pranic healing

This energetic healing method is based on the transfer of the life force Prana or "breath of life". Prana means life energy. The Prana healing supports illnesses and mental health. It stimulates the body's self-healing powers. I go in contact with humans and animals remotely and with a photo.

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pranic healing

A fantastic method for self-healing of body and soul.