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Linda Erbe
Animal communicator.

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I am a pet psychic, pranic healer, shaman practitioner and teacher. When I look back now I understand that from the age of 12 I had already prepared myself for work as an animal communicator unconsciously. 

My interest and passion started early. I had a feeling when animals didn’t feel well. I talked quietly with the animals from family and friends.


Growing up I always felt inside of me that there were more ways to communicate than what we knew about. I grew up with open minded parents. Fortunately my soul was able to develop freely in my childhood (this is important for telepathic language). When I was 13 I became a vegetarian. It was 1993. At that time, people were often very conservative. People still needed explanations to understand my decision to stop eating meat.

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Learn & Trust
"And suddenly you know why you are on earth and everything makes sense."

How it all started

In my family there are many healers and early on I found I was very interested in spiritual topics. My curiosity was drawn in different directions. But I was never stuck to a specific topic for long. The topic of reincarnation captivated me the most.

My greatest teacher came into my life when I was 13 years old. Widmark was a wonderful horse soul. He taught me to listen to my intuition. And I did just that! When I moved away from my parents home I got a cat companion her name was Dori she taught me so much.

Learning and growing

I studied social work but I felt that was not my future. It was a process to find my real destiny. One day I saw a video about animal communication and I started reading about it. I learned animal telepathy in seminars and I trained myself over many years. 

Suddenly I started teaching pet psychic courses. People wanted to know more about it.

Every Soul is lovely
"We always get the right animal teacher at our side."

Widmark, he opened up my mind

The first seminar I attended was a reincarnation seminar.
Reincarnation has always interested me. I never believed that death was the end of life.

I love my work as an animal medium with living and deceased animals. But It turns out that over the years I would specialise my senses more and more with deceased animals.

There are often many misunderstandings about what happens to animals and about death in general. I am happy to teach animal communication to people who are interested because that is where our journey of humanity is going.

Understanding our animals will become an important focus. In my retreats, people can learn about animal communication.

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Teaching Animal Communication is my Passion

no matter which race

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I am a traveler and open minded woman. I love teaching the telepthy in retreats all over the world to push animal telepathy worldwide.

The whole life is a journey. So we like to travel with it.

"Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends."
Sometimes it is not so easy to be "different". Swimming against the tide often meets with incomprehension. I owe it to my strong character that I did not allow myself to be disturbed by it. The animals taught me in many different ways what life is about. I am still learning and practicing with all of my heart. NAMASTE