Pet psychic reading – 120 minutes


120 minutes pet psychic talk


Have you ever wondered what your pet is trying to tell you?

In a 120 minutes pet psychic reading you can have 2our more  pets in our session. 2 hours give access to an intensive conversation with your fury friends. If there are two animals in the conversation, you can decide which animal we are going to start with. After an hour we can devote ourselves to listening to your other animal. Letting both animals talk to each other afterwards is often very funny. The dialogue between both animals gives you an interesting perspective.

I can relay messages about your pet’s well-being, personality, physical health, temperament, his/her role in your life, likes and dislikes, and much more. I do this via telepathic communication, which means that I can sense the thoughts, feelings, and images of other species without speaking a word. Animal Communication is a non physical connection with the animal’s energy. It is the energy within and around us that we connect to.We do not just help our animals this way, but also ourselves!

Why a pet psychic reading for 120 minutes?

  • it safes you money to book 120 minutes for 2 our more pets
  • we have more time to talk with your pet
  • in this pet psychic reading we can let have the animals a dialogue between each other
  • you have a feeling the pet telepathy will need time to discuss everything calmly
  • you want to let both of your animals speak


What to do to schedule an appointment?

  • you book a pet psychic reading for you and your pet, pets.
  • you can write me per E-mail the information I need for the talk
  • we will look for an appointment for the telepathic communication

What animals speak in is  a universal language. Animals speak in a language of energy. It is a quiet and honest language.