Pet psychic reading – 60 minutes


60 minutes pet psychic talk


Book your pet psychic reading for 1 hour with your animal and me. This session you can book for one pet. 60 minutes sounds quite long at first but you will be surprised to see how quick time is running in a telepathic talk, they might have much to say! Especially when this is the first time you speak with each other. For this reason only one pet can be booked for the first initial conversation. I have tested this after listening to the animals for many years. Patience is key to achieve the greatest outcome.


  • I will call you at an agreed date
  • I will talk live with you and your pet in our animal telepathy session
  • You can ask anything you like
  • Your pet will love to share and say something to you also
  • You can make notes while we have the talk together


Sometimes it is not enough time to have a pet psychic reading with your pet in 60 minutes. My experience shows that in most cases it is not enough time for an intensive talk. On some occasions I will need enough time to explain to you the solutions that your pet has to offer for the current or past situation. If you have made a booking, please send me an email. You can send me suggested dates directly in that email. I will then contact you for an appointment.


What can you ask your animal in a pet psychic reading?

  • How are you feeling?
  • Are you happy?
  • What can I do for our friendship?
  • Is there anything what you would like to tell me?
  • What are you thinking about…?
  • Do you have pains?
  • What could help you?
  • Do you want another pet in our family?
  • What would you like to eat? What do you not like to eat?
  • From where do we know each other?
  • Why are we together?
  • Have we been together before?