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Animal communication with deceased animals

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When your pet crosses over

One day the time swill come that our loved animal is leaving the earth and the body. It is painful and it will be always painful to loose somebody where you spend unforgettable times together. Our animals always help us in certain situations in our life. I think this sacrificing help makes our relationships so unique. We miss them because they are a part of us.

It is important to take time to grief as long as you need to.

Only the physical part of the animal dies. The soul lives on. There is never a separation between loved souls.



Loss of a pet

For most people it is understandable to talk with pets through telepathy who are alive. But is it possible to go in contact with animals who are deceased?

Yes. It is.

Even if your pet has died 20 years ago, it can still be contacted. The higher soul of the animal is accessible even if it is already incarnated.

What is a higher soul?
Humans and animals have a high soul. This controls us from "above". She guides us and knows our soul path.

Afterlife is real. Your pet is just a few thoughts away from you.

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We humans often accept without really knowing. Let's teach our animals a better thing. A soul is not mortal. You could also say we cannot destroy them. Our body does not live on, we only have it for a certain time. But the soul stays forever. It is all the more important to honor it as long as our soul lives in it.

Life goes on after death for humans and animals. Animals know more about this. They don't know about our human fear of death. Because they remember what I always call "above". 

We can learn from them and listen to their stories. People often have homemade fears. It's time to rethink and learn from the animals. In all areas.

Our animals are more conscious and are only a few thoughts away from us.

A lot of educational work is required and I take this work very seriously because we should not instill our thinking in animals. 

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From where do I have my knowledge?

Over the years I have trained and learned a lot in seminars about death and reincarnation. However, I learned the most from the many animal conversations with deceased animals. They welcome us in a conversation with a lot of love and like to share about the different frequency in where they are at the moment.

Is my animal still around me?

How is my pet? 

What is my pet doing?

What does my pet want to tell me?  

Does it want to come back to me?


And YEEEES! They can come back to you after death. If your pet believes you are not finished learning from each other then the chance is good that you will spend time together again. In telepathic talks pets are telling me often that they want to come back to their human. 

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Linda Erbe
Animal Spirit Medium

Rainbow Animals

Animal communication with deceased animals is a very important mind opener and it really helps to see things different and in the right light.

The animal is at your side that is for sure. Afterlife doesn't separate you. You can have a very tight connection with your pet. It can get even stronger if you allow it.

What do I need for a reading:

  • A picture from your friend and the name
  • The age and how long your pet has been at your side
  • Your telephone number and time zone

I love to help with my knowledge

In a talk with a rainbow animal I will help you to find the truth about the thoughts of your pet. I will also explain you how animals are thinking about death and reincarnation.

Sometimes it is important to understand how the universe is working so you can comprehend what your pet is telling you in the talk. My experience and my knowledge with deceased animals is high because I started my first seminar as a teenager about reincarnation and trained myself a long time ago.

For a conversation with a rainbow pet, I recommend waiting three weeks before attempting to make contact. If you would like to schedule an appointment after these three weeks, I still advise you to book it as soon as possible, as I typically have waiting times for animal communication sessions.

Rainbow animals
Deceased Animals

When a loved one crosses the Rainbow Bridge, questions often remain unanswered. We often feel guilty because there are still many things that have not been clarified. Rainbow animals like to share their vision and like to explain their feelings in a talk.
if the soul plan wishes you and your pet can be reuinited.
"Animal reincarnation to the same person happens more than you imagine."


Rainbow talk with Nico

Dear Linda, Thank you for your help. Even though I miss my Nico so much every day, I now know from you Linda that our animals are doing well in the rainbow country. The conversation with you and then with Nico was very good for me and helped. When you have gradually processed everything, you understand a lot better and… Read more “Rainbow talk with Nico”


Rainbow Talk – Danah

Dear Linda, it cannot be described how the conversation with our cat that took place with your help enriched our lives. We are overjoyed and deeply grateful to know now how he is doing in the higher dimension in the hereafter and to know of his important task, of which he is so proud and which he will surely do… Read more “Rainbow Talk – Danah”


Rainbow animal – Flake

At the end of October last year I had to say goodbye to my Flake. Thanks to an animal conversation with Linda, Flake was able to tell me her last wishes and that she would like to sleep in peace at my home. It was very painful for me, but I now knew that it was right and in the… Read more “Rainbow animal – Flake”

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It will be quiet a lot information in an animal talk. It is good to have the talk with your pet so you can loose no information.

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