Professional Animal telepathy
Interspecies communication.

It is important to communicate with each other. To understand what is going on in our minds.
Professional Pet Psychic Linda Erbe

How can you imagine a conversation with your pet?

The conversation takes place in silence. Telepathy is a quiet language and each animal talk is individual where every animal shows its own character.
Animals are open and talkative and they are happy to communicate with us, your pet will not be surprised when I contact him.
The soul already knows that a conversation is going to take place.
Information is sent to the animal unconsciously and most are ready or waiting. For example, cats often come home before the appointment.

Animals love to share their thoughts with us.

You can also imagine a telepathic talk with your furry friend is like a talk with a good friend or family member.

Animals are open to new ideas and compromises, they are good listeners and they can be very funny.They know so much about the life, the earth and the universe.

They are more wiser than the most people could ever imagine. They are amazing teachers of life.


Linda Erbe

Why should you have an animal talk?

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  • Receive clarity about the thoughts from your animal
  •  Finding out how your pet feels (physically and emotionally)
  •  Address and resolve behavior concerns
  •  Understand dynamics and create harmony in multi - animal households
  • Comfort during transitions; help animals recover from trauma and fear
  • Assist a rescue or adopted animal adjust to a new home.
  • Receive death, dying, and grief support
  • Why is my animal at my side?

Please use the e-mail
What do I need for an Animal Communication Session?

  • A picture from your friend
  • The name from your pet
  • The age and how long your pet has been at your side
  • Your telephone number and time zone
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It´s just another language. A very powerful one.

Linda Erbe

They know more than we think.

Your friend knows that we will make an appointment and that a conversation will take place. You consciously or unconsciously send this message to your animal. I go even further and say that an animal chooses the animal communicator with whom it would like to speak.

How can I prepare my pet for animal communication?

You can tell your animal when the appointment for our conversation will take place so they are well prepared for a talk.

Let your friend know that they can say everything that is in their heart. This is what the conversation is for.

Let´s talk with your pet
Phone sessions

All sessions are live via phone. 

One Animal
60 minute Animal communication 


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one - two animals
90 minute Animal communication 


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two - more animals
120 minute Animal communication 


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60 minute sessions
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Emergency  Animal communication 

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your animal talk in
MP3 Recording

$ 12.00

After the session with your animal you will receive an e-mail with a mp3 record from your animal talk.

It will be quiet a lot information in an animal talk. It is good to have the talk with your pet so you can loose no information.

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Linda Erbe

Listening to an animal is important but above all, planning enough time to talk to an animal is important too.

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What is the process of animal communication?

You can book an animal talk and then we will speak together for the appointment date/time. I will connect to your animal 10 minutes before our appointment. During this time I introduce myself to your animal and we already get to know each other.

You can always ask questions during the call. Some animals also bring their own topics into the conversation, which we can devote ourselves to.

Please have writing materials ready for your notes.

What else is there to know about?

It is helpful if your cat stays for the talk at home. If your cat is chasing a mouse it could be quite distracted for our conversation. A horse should not be ridden during our conversation.

The conversation should take place in a relaxed time for your animal. Your animal can move around freely in the house and it can also sleep.

We should start our conversation relaxed and with enough time. Remember our animals absorb our feelings and when you start the conversation stressed these emotions can be reflected in the conversation.

Don´t hesitate.
You can ask your animal anything what you want.

This is your chance to find out what your furry friend is thinking.

Does it like the food or does it want something different to eat?

What are the wishes from your pet?

What does it think about a particular situation?

Do they want a friend at their side?

What can you do to make them feel better?

What does my pet think?

Please note that I do not conduct the animal talk through third parties only with your animal to protect the privacy of humans and animals.

Please also note that an animal talk does not replace medical care.

In addition, I make no promise of healing.

I don't speak to missing animals. I ask for understanding.

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I would be happy to serve you and your animal as a translator.