Rainbow animal – Flake


At the end of October last year I had to say goodbye to my Flake. 
Thanks to an animal conversation with Linda, Flake was able to tell me her last wishes and that she would like to sleep in peace at my home.
It was very painful for me, but I now knew that it was right and in the flake sense. I wouldn't have had the heart to let her go to sleep anyway.
As painful as their last days were, they were also magical. There was a very special calm around them. And she fell asleep so calmly.
A few days later we had another conversation with Linda because I wanted to know how she was doing, what she was doing, etc.
She told me that she wanted to come back to me as a female cat. You just have to regulate everything. She also told me that she would rather not come as a kitten. So I had to ask Linda, who then explained to me that it is always possible to exchange souls, after consultation with the other soul.

I was really happy! But I was totally unsettled: how should I find her, how long would it take, I will recognize her etc…. My head left no concerns or doubts.
I decided to just do nothing. I endured this for a few weeks and then I looked at cats online in the surrounding shelters. And there was the Lotta. 
I couldn't stop looking and went to visit her. She was shy, hissed, there was no recognition. 
But I listened to my heart and took the little girl, about 9 months old, to me. I had no idea if Flake was back, but I was touched by little Lotta's eyes.
After she still couldn't be touched after 6 weeks and was extremely frightened, I booked an animal talk with Linda again.
Linda immediately recognized Flake’s energy. I was told where the shyness comes from, how the soul exchange took place and that everything went pretty jerky and was a bit chaotic.
Lotta, who had never heard of this name before, said that she wanted to be called Flake again.
She gave me professional tips that coincided with the previous discussions. Now my head was finally convinced: it is back!

3 days after the conversation, Flake began to be petted and now there is no bigger cuddler!
We are overjoyed to have each other again and enjoy the time together!

Linda, thank you for your wonderful work!