Animal Communication – Rainbow Pet 60 minutes


Animal Communication with your rainbow pet – 60 minutes

Animal communication with deceased pets

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Animal communication with deceased animals may sound a bit strange at first. In reality, contacting the deceased animal is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing disturbing. Your animal is connected to you either way. A soul is immortal, no matter if human or animal.
Contacting a deceased animal works like contacting a living animal. To contact your animal, I connect with the photo and name of your friend. You can imagine the connection like a telephone connection from human to human. I call your animal with my thoughts.
Your animal and I get to know each other before I call you. When your phone rings, I am already connected to your animal and you can tell your animal what you want. I take notes of your animal’s answers and read what you have written to me.
You can ask any questions to your deceased animal that you want answered.

For me it is important to give you background information about the “other side” and the soul and the contracts. Animals think differently about death. For them, death is something natural and, in my experience, they are not afraid of it.

Sometimes humans and animals come together again in this life. This happens when the learning assignment is not yet finished. The animals usually tell me this very excitedly. It is wonderful to experience when an animal incarnates to the human again. It is something special when the animal announces when it will come again and what it will look like. By means of animal communication this can also be found out.

In animal communication the soul of the animal can be contacted even after its life on earth.
It does not matter when your animal went over the Rainbow Bridge. The soul is still responsive.