Animal Talk – Manolya


Dear Linda,

when I got in touch with you the first mail, you helped me a lot in a difficult time.
My cat had "disappeared" for a total of 3 months and thanks to you I was able to make contact again and again and find out that she is still alive.
And what wonderful things Jasira said!
You have accompanied me very much through this time and thanks to you I was able to muster the strength not to give up.

Since then you have been in contact with Jasira again and again and each time it brings me closer to my animal, because through you I can take their point of view and act accordingly.
It is really noticeable how the relationship is changing and I can find more and more understanding to understand my cat :)

You are an angel on earth and I am very grateful that we got to know you and your great work!

Thank you for your work :)

Best regards,
Jasira & Manolya