Animal communication Retreat – Costa Rica


Unlock the secrets of animal communication and deepen your bond with the animal kingdom. Secure your spot for the animal communication retreat today. Do not miss out on this transformative opportunity to learn the language of telepathy and connect with our animals on a deeper level.



Secure your spot for the animal communication retreat today.

The Payment option for the Animal communication Retreat in Costa Rica.

I understand that financial planning is an important aspect of booking your retreat. That is why I am excited to offer the option to pay in two installments. Simply choose this option to secure your spot for the retreat, we kindly ask that you make your first payment. This will ensure that your reservation is confirmed and that you have a place in the retreat. We offer two payment options, and you will be prompted to make two payments, with the second payment due one month before the retreat begins. This option provides you with more flexibility and makes it easier to secure your spot on the retreat without worrying about a large upfront payment. We hope this option makes it easier for you to join us on this transformative journey.

The second payment for the retreat must be booked by November 9th 2023 at the latest. We kindly ask you to make sure you complete the second payment on time so that we can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all retreat participants. I look forward to seeing you soon!