Animal Talk – Mogli


Dear Linda,
The fact that I was able to find out in our last animal conversation that my cat Scooby (see post below) came back to me was simply overwhelming.
In the past six months, contact with him in the otherworldly world has always been a comfort to me and I secretly hoped that he would come back someday. Finally, a few weeks before my vacation, he still spoke about the fact that it would take about 2 years and I tried to exercise patience, acceptance and confidence, which has not been my strength so far. Unsuspecting when I arrived at the holiday home in Spain, I found a small 5-week-old hangover, alone and starved with wise eyes. It was immediately clear that he had to go home with us. I quickly realized that I knew his soul, but was still unsettled. The transfer to Germany went smoothly. Everything was supposed to be so ... I was startled when he knew about us at home. Another animal conversation then brought the redeeming certainty. I will never forget the moment when you said "He is it!" I cannot put it into words and I am infinitely grateful for this experience! Animals can also spontaneously change their minds / plans. He said: This is how the universe works. For me this means that everything that happens has a meaning and in the end everything will be fine ... and so much more!
Thank you dear Linda, without you I would still be in the dark ... knowing you, I know that I am on the right path ..
I and my animals thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Dani with MOGLI, Elli and Zuma