Animal Talk – Lydia


Thanks for your wonderful work Linda. Simply beautiful and deeply touching when the beloved animal shows itself in communication exactly as you perceive and feel it. It really hits right in the heart.
The great thing is that our little dog friend has been doing much better since communication.
I would say that we were very worried that he would leave. His soul has been active again with us since the communication and it appears that he is slowly recovering mentally and physically. He eats, drinks, doesn't vomit anymore .. And the best thing is that his zest for life is back.
The fact that my horse was there for a short time touched me twice.
Thank you Linda for making this encounter with the animals possible.
It also touched my partner deeply how coherent our four-legged friend was. He was very skeptical about communication. The willingness to do everything for the four-legged friend has now let him share in the wonderful experience.
We also learned things that we can improve and optimize for the little man, which makes us very happy and it is really fun. Especially when you notice how he enjoys it.

In general, I still have to get rid of the fact that this deep gratitude, the polite and respectful, loving and warm nature of my two animals, deeply affects me. Many do not feel this and sometimes you doubt yourself, thinks "I imagine it". The fact that they show themselves in this way also affects Linda and confirms my intuition. Thanks for that.

And what I am very happy, thankful and happy that you could make it happen as quickly as possible.

I can fully recommend you and your work.

Kind regards from my little family <3